Chapter History

Zeta Upsilon Colony of Zeta Tau Alpha began on the campus of Edinboro State College in the spring of 1968 when a small group of close friends decided that they want to cement their friendship in the ties of sisterhood. During the spring and the following summer much of the paper work was done by the leader of the group, Shirley Bowers, who later was to become their first president.
The official establishment of Zeta Upsilon was on October 4, 1968 with 23 ecstatic young women.  The rest of campus was so happy for the new sorority and nicknamed them the "instant sorority".  Hard work, dedication, and sisterhood made the Zeta Upsilon chapter what it is today.

Reestablished in 2001 at Edinboro University, our chapter is committed to our sisterhood and life long friendships created here!

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